Taijiquan was created in Chenjiagou Village, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China in the late Ming Dynasty, almost 400 years ago, by the 9th generation Chen family member; General Chen Wangtin. Following a decorated military career General Chen retired to Chenjiagou where he began formulating an internal martial arts that incorporated the wisdom of the ancient Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang, with specialised breathing techniques, and a profound understanding of the internal energy meridians "jingluo" used in Traditional Chinese Medicine such was its intrinsic power that the art was only passed from master to student in great secrecy and remained hidden for almost 300 years within the village. It was not until the 14th generation of the Chen family (around 120 years ago) that Grandmaster Chen Changxing taught the art to Yang Luchan, a household servant. Yang Luchan (founder of Yang Style Tai ;Chi) was the first to take the art away from the village and quickly his reputation spread throughout China as an unbeatable Kungfu master using this fascinating art.
During the popularisation of Yang Style, Chen Style remained within Chenjiagou, with its village members dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of their tradition, just as their ancestors had done for almost 400 years.
Chen Style Tai Chi has only recently made its appearance on the world scene and is fast becoming the most popular form of Tai Chi in the world today. Both old and Young Tai Chi practitioners are beginning to appreciate why generations of the Chen family were determined to maintain their sacred art in its purest form so that everyone may experience the maximum benefits under their guidance.

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei's Chen Tai Chi performance

Performance of Master Liming Yue

Live Stream of Tai Chi Classe of Master Liming Yue

Chen Style Tai Chi 8  Foundation Form
Details: Grandmaster Liming Yue has created a new Tai Chi 8 Form and Qigong Foundation Form DVDs for both beginners to practice and instructors to teach Tai Chi in a very easy and relaxed way. One square meter space will be enough for you to finish the whole Tai Chi 8 Form and Qigong Foundation Exercises.

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Names of Chen Style Tai Chi 8 Form:
1. Tai Chi Stance                                       qishi起势
2. Lazy About Tying Coat                         lǎn zhā yī 懒扎衣
3.Six Sealing And Four Closing                liù fēng sì bì 六封四闭
4.Single Whip                                            dān biān单鞭
5.The White Crane Spreads It’s Wings     bái hè liàng chì 白鹤亮翅
6.Walk Forward Diagonally                      xié xíng ào bù 斜行拗步
7. Back to Tai Chi Stance                          tai ji huan yuan
8.Conclusion form                                     shou shi 收势
Please feel free to view our PC based online version of Tai Chi 8 Form Dvd at: www.taichicentre.com/dvds/Tai Chi 8 Form
Names of Chen Style Tai Chi 11 Form:
1.Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar     jīn gāng dǎo duì 金刚捣碓
2.Lazy About Tying Coat                                      lǎn zhā yī 懒扎衣
3.Six Sealing And Four Closing                            liù fēng sì bì 六封四闭
4.Single Whip                                                        dān biān 单鞭
5.The White Crane Spreads It’s Wings                 bái hè liàng chì 白鹤亮翅
6.Walk Forward Diagonally                                  xié xíng ào bù 斜行拗步
7.Brush Knee                                                         lōu qī搂膝
8.Three Steps Forward                                          qián táng ào bù 上三步
9.Cover Hands and Strike with Fist                      yǎn shǒu hōng chuí 掩手肱捶
10.Step Back And Whirl Arms On Both Sides     dǎo juàn hōng 倒倦肱
11.Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar   jing gang dao dui金刚捣碓
Title names of Lao Jia Yi Lu:
1. Yu bei shi                      Preparatory stance
2. Jin gang dao dui            Jin Gang (Buddha's warrior attendant) pounds mortar
3. Lan zha yi                      Lazy about tying the coat
4. Liu feng si bi                 Six sealing and four closing
5. Dan bian                        Single whip
6. Jin gang dao dui             Jin Gang pounds mortar
7. Bai he liang chi              White crane spread its wings
8. Xie xing                         Walk obliquely
9. Lou xi                            Brush knee
10. Ao bu                           Twist steps
11. Xie xing                       Walk obliquely
12. Lou xi                          Brush knee
13. Ao bu                          Twist steps
14. Yan shou hong quan   Cover the fist and punch
15. Jin gang dao dui          Jin Gang pounds mortar
16. Pie shen quan              Brushing body fist
17. Qing long chu shui      Azure dragon comes out of the water
18. Shuang tui shou           Double pushing hands
19. Shou di kan quan         Fist under the elbow
20. Dao juan hong             Step back with whirling arms
21. Bai he liang chi            White crane spread its wings
22. Xie xing                       Walk obliquely
23. Shan tong bei               Flash the back
24. Yan shou hong quan    Cover the fist and punch
25. Liu feng si bi               Six sealing and four closing
26. Dan bian                      Single whip
27. Yun shou                     Cloud hands
28. Gao tan ma                  High pat on horse
29. You ca jiao                  Brush the right foot
30. Zuo ca jiao                  Brush the left foot
31. Zuo deng gen              Kick with the left heel
32. Qian tang ao bu           Wade forward with twist step
33. Ji di chui                     Punch the ground
34. Er qi jiao                     Double jumping front kick
35. Hu xin quan                Fist protects the heart
36. Xuan feng jiao            Tornado kick (inside crescent kick)
37. You deng yi gen          Kick with the right heel
38. Yan shou hong quan   Cover the fist and punch
39. Xiao qin da                  Small grab and hit
40. Bao tou tui shan           Protect the head and push the mountain
41. Liu feng si bi               Six sealing and four closing
42. Dan bian                      Single whip
43.Qian zhao                      Forward trick
44. Hou zhao                      Backward trick
45. Ye ma fen zong            Parting the wild horse's mane
46. Liu feng si bi                Six sealing and four closing
47. Dan bian                       Single whip
48. Yu nu chuan suo           Jade maiden works the shuttle
49. Lan zha yi                     Lazy about tying the coat
50. Liu feng si bi                Six sealing and four closing
51. Dan bian                       Single whip
52. Yun shou                      Cloud hands
53. Bai jiao die cha            Slap foot and drop down
54. Jin ji du li                     Golden cockerel stands on one leg
55. Dao juan hong              Step back with whirling arms
56. Bai e liang chi              White crane spread its wings
57. Xie xing                        Walk obliquely
58. Shan tong bei                Flash the back
59. Yan shou chui               Cover the fist and punch
 60. Liu feng si bi                Six sealing and four closing
61. Dan bian                        Single whip 
62. Yun shou                       Cloud hands
63. Gao tan ma                    High pat on horse
64. Shi zi jiao                      Crossed foot kick
65. Zhi dang chui                Punch to the groin
66. Bai yuan xian guo         White ape offers fruit
67. Dan bian                        Single whip
68. Pu di long                      Dragon on the ground
69. Shang bu qi xing           Step forward to form the seven stars
70. Xia bu kua hu                Step back and ride the tiger
71. Zhuan shen chuang bai lian       Turn back and wave double lotus
72. Dang tou pao                Strike the face with cannons
73. Jin gang dao dui            Jin Gang pounds mortar
74. Tai ji shou shi               Taiji closing posture
1 太极起势    2 金刚捣碓    3 懒扎衣       4六封四闭      5 单鞭         6 金刚捣碓          7白鹅亮翅                      
8 斜行           9 搂膝          10拗步          11斜形           12 搂膝      13 拗步               14掩手肱拳  
15 金刚捣碓   16 撇身捶     17 青龙出水    18 双推手      19肘底看拳  20 倒卷肱       21白鹅亮翅
22 斜形       23 闪通背     24 掩手肱拳    25 六封四闭    26 单鞭      27 云手         28高探马
29 右擦脚     30 左擦脚     31 左蹬一跟    32 前趟拗步    33击地捶    34 踢二起       35 护心拳 
36旋风脚     37 右蹬一跟    38 掩手肱拳    39 小擒打     40 抱头推山   41 六封四闭     42 单鞭  
43 前招       44后招        45 野马分鬃    46 六封四闭   47 单鞭      48玉女穿梭      49 懒扎衣
50六封四闭    51 单鞭       52 云手        53 摆脚跌岔   54 金鸡独立   55 倒卷肱      56 白鹅亮翅 
57 斜形第     58 闪通背     59 掩手肱拳    60 六封四闭    61 单鞭      62 云手        63 高探马   
64十字脚      65 指裆捶    66 猿猴献果     67 单鞭       68 雀地龙    69 上步七星    70 转身双摆莲
71 下步跨肱   72 当头炮     73 金刚捣碓    74 收势