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China Trip Summer 2018

Organizer: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre

Duration: 23rd June 2018 - 14th July 2018 (22 days in total but short stay is available, please discuss with Master Liming Yue in advance);

Price: The total cost is £2380.00 per person (all inclusive). Please book your holiday with your work to cover the trip from 22nd to 15th July 2018 (one extra day each at beginning and the end at your convenience) and we will confirm the final dates with you by end of May 2018.

Additional training, grading and competition fees: £40.00 per person covers 2 hours training with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei in the Tai Chi village on Chen Style Tai Chi Form and Push Hands;

£80.00 per person covers 6 hours training with Daoist master on Wudang Tai Chi Form and Application;

Chief Instructor: Grandmaster Liming Yue (0086 - 15873216908) Guest

Masters in China: Daoist Master - Yuan LiminTai Chi Master - Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei

Tai Chi and Qigong training, and visiting many of the incredible attractionsChina Trip - Tai Chi and Qigong training and Sightseeing - This trip is open to all Tai Chi & Qigong students and their friends to develop a greater understanding of this wonderful art with some of the highest level masters in China. It will include visiting many of the incredible attractions, such as Beijing, Nanyang city and Zhangjiajie Forest Park. Shaolin Temple, Tai Chi village, Wudang mountain, and Great Wall are also covered, All training with Master Liming Yue is covered during the Trip and additional training with other Masters is available at extra cost. Please ask the Centre for further details.